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I have my site up and going using the latest alpha release from github.

site is http://www.ctd.com.au
2 questions.

 1. can I change the colours easily with bootstrap. (I am a newbie)
 2. I can login in with mac & PC as well as Ipad no worries.
however with Android devices it wont let me login. Cannot get the focus on any area.

e107 version latest version 2 from github
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Partial answer ; changing colours without actually changing the layout, yes, can be done.

Since you are not familiar with it : alternate method to get the 'grasp'. 

Use Firefox browser, use Firebug addon and/or webdeveloper.

Visit your page, right click (when addons are installed in FF) choose check element with Firebug. It will display a lot of info. Colours etc..c can be found on RIGHT side of window (different css files in use).

On left click and see what you are 'selécting' and see on right which is triggered.

Suppose you now know that superhero css (line 9 etc..) is used click on it, and see what happens. This is merely a description to get you started, and with FF now in this mode you can see (live) what happens. It does NOT save it !!!.

The actual files to be changed (backup always) are in the system theme files..

You are given pointers to which one that should be.

1 small example : background  is blueish/greyish This color is in the body, created in superhero css line 9 (back..color.. 2a333c #click it) Change that to RED

do that as described in FF with firebug and see what happens..and jusr remember what file and what position ( for all involved).


As for q2 (please keep questions apart) no troubles on Android I can get easily to sign up (button top right is mini link to 'header' .

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Sorry, will ask any questions as single ones.

Thank you for the firebug tips. (part 1 closed)
I will use that to update my page.

I have tested the web site on a Sony phone, Nexus 7 tablet and a cheap chinese 7" one.
Yes, I can get to the mini link but cannot enter name or password.
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Each question on its own, will keep the focus on the question, else it may get confusing (thats why i made the remark)..

As for the login.. tested : borrowed a Delium (cheap brand) tablet to do it again adroid 4.0.4 (low budget model) single core etc.. NO problems at all, the site reacts as i would expect to do

Also a Android mobile phone ( android 2.3.1) no troubles.

Forgotten entries etc, or the needed fields. all reacts normal. I completed the signup, to take the extra step (you may delete the user #tgtje) to see if all keeps working. I got the mail, so it works also, and confirmed > also working. Did you by any chance (i do not know if you are using wifi or own isp connection ( mobile etc..) erasing caches and/or if possible whenever any of the 'testmodi' concern the same IP (happens with wifi by router f.e.) you MAY be 'blocked' because setting is made for how many logins/signups from 1 ip can be set ? Please do see this as reminder, what also could be the case.

As mentioned earlier and now : for me (acting as a 'visitor') i do not get anywhere into trouble.

Anyway Mery Christmas and Happy new year
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What I did this afternoon was go back to an old theme. This does not use the bootstrap. Later if you like and can revert back to the bootstrap. My daughter was having problems at work logging in as well. The main idea is to have a list of recipes for friends only. So if you want I can go back to the bootstrap for you to test. New one has ctd top left.
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Please do if you like, and keep it up for about 24 hours if you can, or longer if you are on a scedule. I will visit now and then during today or tomorrow (timeshifts worldwide) and watch and test when possible and report back. For now please delete my signup, so i can use the same details..(now looking at baba)
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Will change and delete now. 2 minutes
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Using bootsrap theme : Same phone : did not complete all, but phone has no troubles entering data etc.

From tablet (old same one) i sign up :

step 1 : coppa : ok

step 2 fields : (popup = case sensitive ...blablaa (ok)

all fields work including the popups notices> : i registered . getting confirmation :

Confirmed >Logged in status

Posting some news (delete it when checked by you, please open and read for info) so you now all functions.

Again : no issues to be seen,

NOTICE : check it please, the phone on sign in needs to be for entering data (fields), it looks if the 'size' of input screen is to small to activate the typing pads, when enlarging the fields : possible..

If this is the case for you too, please confirm and if possible put in on github as an issue: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues

Have a nice day.
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