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Hello Guys and girls :) My site is on www.server-service.dk 

I need a second scroller for customers recommendations. 
At the moment I´m using news scroller for scenarios from my real life working with computers and servers - it takes the content from defined articles in news section. 

I want the same function as news scroller, but in a another scroller menu that is just for my customers recommendations - and I dont know If I must find another plugin and which one ? 

Im used to set up homepages in e107 but I cant seam to find this solution  smiley help ?


e107 version 107 v. 1.04
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Please try to define the goal : is it 'real'news or to be seen as 'commenting' or appreciation from clients ? You could use different plugins (still found) http://tgtje.nl/news.php example : front page right side Top 2 run on news but 'some small changes are made for rendering the news ITEM. The last one is a manual added (txt) based (top = news ticker (madmonk) 2nd = news scroller NLSTART 3rd = quick news ..R. Uceda ) more info needed? contact

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hi all . I cant find downloads for plugins cos it says Source forge.net tree out of order so I cant download plugins from e107.org/plugins - any alternativ downloads ?

I tried since 5 days ago so I dont know when its available  

I found one called AACGC Content Slider 1.1 that I will try - http://e107coders.org and https://github.com I find some but very little
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Check your profile for Message
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Sorry Tgtje - I dont see your message or answer , but like to know ?
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try this,  (please mention when done) http://tgtje.nl/scrollers.zip
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