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I installed the e107 latest from GitHub. Installed ok, after install I can't login into the webpage. "Error
Incorrect login. The data you entered does not match the registered user." (I installed now and I wrote the username and password now) and the e107InstallLog.log file has very much error logs. 

PHP: 5.6.4

I tried install with english and hungarian languages. Problem same.

I updated my site by admin area with update GitHub. Site work but I can't login.



e107 version Latest from GitHub
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2 Answers

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Check your phpMyAdmin if your user table is created at all and if there is some user.

It sounds familiar, but it was fixed long time ago.

If you don't fix this other way, this is what I would do: I would installed 2.2.1 version and sync with Github to get the latest version.
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I confirm it. After the new installation 2.3 git version or after the upgrade from 2.2.1 cannot login as admin.
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I just tested this with a fresh installation using Github files. Username 'admin' and password 'Abcdefgh09'.
PHP 7.3. Everything works like it should. I can login on frontend and backend (admin area).
New installation and the same, can't login. I sent priv m.

Unfortunately, next www site updated from version 2.2.1 to 2.3 git and cannot login after updating the settings. The login menu on home page has also disappeared... sad

I have very little time, but could you please test this for me?

Use the 2.3 github files, and then replace the install.php and /usersettings.php files with the ones from version 2.2.1. I might have broken this in https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/4004 

The login menu disappearing seems very odd and unrelated. Please check the debug mode of any php errors. 

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