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I have already gone into “settings” and changed the “Remove the filename from the URL” to NO.
I have gone into “Manage Site URLs>> Profiles: and tested every option available.

I have been able to change the pages and news to the format I want, but can not seem to get the title of a book to show up, only the page names are displayed.

But on a drop down list from the main menu, when I click on the link for a particular book, I get mysite.com/page.php?bk=5 displayed on the url.

The page that opens displays all the chapters and pages, but I would like the book name to be displayed in the URL, BEFORE I click on the page within the book.

e107 version V2
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Go to URL Configuration and select for pages pages/book-title/chapter-title/page-title. And check if your SEF-URLs are filled.
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Thanks for replying.

I don’t know what I did today, but somehow, I am now able to pull up the same BOOK under TWO different URLs.

One url is listed as : https://mysite.com/page.php?bk=5

The other is listed as: https://mysite.com/book/petitions_u-s-a

and I made sure the contents are exactly the same. So, anyway, as long as the search engines can pick them up, I am now satisfied with the page name results.

Thank You.

You have now double content. This is correct if it is the same page - one is non sef-url version and one is sef-url version of the same page. Your site should use only one way so google never find that other. Its on you. If not, canonical urls are solution. Check metatag plugin for this.
keep in mind (untested, just observation. i will only adress something.)

since books + chapters etc.. keep in mind that bk = book in url (not really a 'true' page' (although it can be a page) (direct linkage possibility)

if you would use chapters than bk would look like ch
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