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I get a 404 error saying that I am receiving this error because the system has gone into security lockdown when I went to click on an image in a news post edit. It wasn't showing up on the main page and I went to see why. When I click on the image, I get the security lockdown message. My host does not know what it's about either. Image of problem: http://imgur.com/gallery/BTatFOh
e107 version 2.2.1
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If this is an updated site (according to your other question), add the list of outdated plugins you are using.  Oh, and PHP version.

I think this is more question for developers on github.

Just note.  I have the last 1.0.4 site. I tried to update it some days ago, but when I saw that mess it left there (from old version, not update process, no idea what I can delete, I lost myself in outdated plugins), I decided to go for the new fresh install and I will try to switch to already updated database or move there only needed data.

So my advice: try somewhere (on the same hosting f.e. in subdirectory) fresh install and if it works, you know where is the problem then.
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This is a custom HTTP 404 error page, set by either you or your hosting provider. This message is not part of e107. 
The 404 means that you are trying to access a file that does exist on your server (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Status)

You need to make sure you correclty upload the image in your new post (through the media manager). Then it should all work. 

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