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What to do when warning sign shown on website?

Warning Sign:-

Below is the list of files that could potentially be malicious:

  • e107_system/2cb9a3cd23/temp//Readme.txt
  • e107_system/2cb9a3cd23/temp//mysql tables.txt
  • e107_system/2cb9a3cd23/temp//plugin.php
  • e107_system/2cb9a3cd23/temp//signaturecheck.php
e107 version 2.2.1
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Did you install an old plugin like Sigcheck ? Else i can not see how you got such files, as they do not realy belong to core system.

Iff they are from old plugin (2006) coding of the inner files can be such that newerphp versions trigger such warnings.. To be sure.. delete the plugin (sorry)

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