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I've been searching to see if it is possible to send emails out in chunks. Because of the GDPR, I am investigating the e107 newsletter functionality. Cannot (don't want to)  'just' use MailChimp. The main issue is that on most providers you are only allowed a certain amount of emails per time unit. I.e., 100 emails per hour. I looked in the newsletter code, but as far as I can see, there is no code to perform this. I have been looking into the cron setup, but that doesn't bring me further. Is it possible to send newsletters in chunks?
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Let me make a 'start'. (hope info poors through this way regarding newsletter use).

In addition to your question ( i do not use e107 newsletter (heh when yes the monkey..) nor cron jobs).

So having read up some info that is present ( https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/2747 ) and inside system in NL en EN form) on cron and Mail settings, i should (so it seems ) to be able to do so). Helas i have no receivers and or so much members  to test.

Suppose now you bulk send but RESTRICT how many and at how fast they go out, should be it.

I slightly can remember that Addy's Newsletter plugin had something similar in v1. Here's a shot of what i mean (that looks chunkie possible) and also 'looks'something instead of a cron because (imbelieve) cron repeats the same task.


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I would indeed use the Mail functionality rather than the newsletter plugin. That plugin is outdated and may be removed from core soon.
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