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Hello guys,

I need know if is possible change the character limmit for the forum posts, because I need post on my forum some logs (for a game) that in moments, these are larger than the character limmit, so My users are forced to split the content in various post, and... well don't see so good.
This setting can be changed in some plase? Editing tsome config file, or something similar? ¡Thanks!
e107 version 2.1.7
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Are you using tinymce editor for forum post?  Because with bbcode I don't see any limitation.

Likely you do need to change ( and i do nor can oversee what will happen with layouts etc..) is going into dbase.
On Forum_post table the data type for post_entry is TEXT equivalent to roughlt around 10000 words (65535 B).
Now for more you would need to change this datatype to f.e. MEDIUMTEXT. This would be around 2.750.000 words.

Does that work (yes for me testing it does) however........

Updating or upgrading > goodbye posts (partial to data entry type reset/ clipped) and or changes made.  

As this entry is NOT part of, but a manual setting... sad

Maybe easier is a attachment possibility ? like a pdf file etc...??? 

Hello guys, thanks for your answers:

Yep, i'm using the thinymce editor, but the problem aparently isn't on the editor itself; the option (sadli) in the db sounds more aprouching, and if the change needs a reset of the db... Well isn't a option.

When you are editing or creating the message, you don't have any problem writing it; you can put in the editor any characters that you want, and when you post it, the post appears completely. But if you wait ... a few minutes and refresh the page, the post is chuncked at ... well aproximateli at the 70000 character. So the problem komes from the db, that don't save all the text and only the size that it is capable.

thanks for your answer!bb

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