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Is there any easy way to work on and preview a theme without showing what you are working on live on your website ?.
e107 version 2.1.9
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2 Answers

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As always to keep hidden, best is a local installment. Iff you are not up for it, create a subdomain and basic install..
Of course keep the subdom name private...
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CaMeRon has way for this . It was used when new theme was developing for e107.org. I think it has something related with user theme setting. If I logged in, then I saw new theme, but other visitor saw old theme. If I remember correctly, there was condition to use the same name layouts for old and new themes. But I don't know details, so yes, it's possible but you need to ask maybe on github or gitter. Only CaMeRon knows answer.
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There was an v1.x plugin, that added a menu for a user to switch themes, if allowed by admin.
I've tested in in earlier v2.x version, and it worked....

Another workaround is as tgtje stated, create a working environment and test your theme there...
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