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Hi I am trying to create a plugin that uses several tables. e.g.

person Table:

Job Table:
Job title,
Job description,

Company table:
Company Name,
Company Address,

When I handle a person I want to use the other tables as lookups in a dropdown lists. But the plugin builder only allows me to specify one table. Is there a way around this?

I have about  15 tables in all and several screens to build to join them all up.
e107 version Version 2.1.9
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Check OweMe plugin by Moc. I started there too.    https://github.com/Moc/oweme  in admin_config look for init() and table deptors or something like this.

And do you know that there is already old job plugin by Father Barry?  

What plugin do you work on? Why did you choose e107 for this?  I am curious because I wasn't able to give my boss enough arguments to use e107 over WordPress solution for job site.
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