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Having some trouble here feature box is not showing in the area I sent it to. It showed up before without needing to add anything to theme theme.php.

Do I need to add anything ?.

e107 version 2.1.9
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Oh, sorry, I didn't notice that you are asking about news featurebox. I didn't know that there is this feature.

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What theme do you use?  It probably used shortcode {FEATUREBOX}. Check:

-  if your images are still there...

-  what is your default category for features

-  your console too for javascript errors.

Each theme can have this used different way.

I use it this way {FEATUREBOX|bootstrap3_carousel} and it works with latest version (maybe week old  2.2.0 git)
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Sorry I am using Fizi's BS_Magazine_01 theme. I did add a menu area and the menu showed but none of the other Template configs work.


Update: I added the shortcode which was very helpful I can see why you came up with it. The menu does show now the only thing is why wont the other configs work ?.


PS Can the slider be customized at all ? as in stretching the image down to the bottom of the slider window then showing the text on the lower half.

Again big thanks for your help.

Hi,  BS BLOG 01 doesn't use featurebox plugin at all.  

It uses theme shortcodes on homepage:


and it uses this:  (parameters are hardcoded)

{MENU: path=news/news_grid&limit=4&category=0&source=latest&featured=0&layout=featured-news}

You can have the same result by using news_grid menu directly from admin/menu manager. Just select the same limit, and template featured-news. 

It's possibly that this doesn't work anymore...  but news_grid menu works, I am using it too.   Doesn't there newest version on Fizi site? 

I could check this, but I do support of themes on my forum. Fizi themes are the best and very well written, so I should be able to fix them. 



1.I am using BS_Magazine_01 theme not BS BLOG 01

2.I did get the feature box to show in the area above the menu I made using the shortcode you gave me.

3. I will try using the news_carousel but do you have any tips on making it look a bit cleaner with just the image of the newest new post being clickable.

Again big thanks here for helping me with this.

PS how do i take the caption off some of the menus at the top left,If you don't know thats fine.
Maybe this can help:


See part 7 and 8 about news grids.

I need to look at theme.  I can't now.
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