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With the upgrade of e107 to v2.x the Downloads plugin appears to be missing features that were present in v1.x of e107. When creating a new download and then selecting "choose a file" I am no longer given a directory listing of local files/folders stored in the downloads folder on the server. Instead I now have to manually upload a file through the plugins frontend. I have also noticed files are now stored in folders by year and month. Is this the correct functionality of the plugin going forward and is it possible to enable the plugin to function as it did in v1 of e107? If what I am doing is correct this is now a very laborious way of adding files, particularly if there are a lot to add.

Another thing I have noticed is that once I have uploaded a file and if I decide I no longer want to use it I can't just delete it. Is the only way to delete the file is through the Media Manager plugin? If I manually delete the file on the server it still shows up in the downloads list, so the database is not automatically being updated.

The Downloads plugin does not recognise some file types and there seems to be a file size restriction. Where can these be changed or added to? Edit: Solved this, I wasn't looking hard enough.

e107 version 2.1.8
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About not selecting location - this apply for all images too. It's because safety reasons I think.  All your download has to be under files folder under media directory. But I don't understand: "why manually via plugins frontend" -  I upload all my downloads files directly via admin area in download plugin.

That year/month structure can be somewhere set off.  (I couldn't find it now)

What I mean regarding the plugin frontend is, during the creation of a download, uploading the file through the Media Manager frontend. Refer to the image below.

Ideally I would rather just be able to upload files to a folder on the server via FTP and select the file(s) as used to happen in v1.x. I understand there can be security risks if it was accessible to everyone however, I would think an Admin should have this option. Uploading and adding lots of files in v2 isn't very productive and it is time consuming. Particularly when it involves large files.

Ok, It's normal media manager window.  Frontend is for me not admin part. Sorry.

I am not sure if this works for files, but it works for images, so... 

There is import folder where you can upload your files (manually by importing or by FTP - you see url in that blue info box). and  then import them to specific category. So if you upload files there, it should scan them, then select category "Download files" (I think) and you can import them all at once. 

Again, I didn't test this with files, only with images.  If it doesn't work with files, create issue about it.  


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Yes, a lot on media is changed.
However ALL is now part of media manager, be it images , files etc...
All these (iff) allowed will be part (inside) media manager. (and 'internal folder structure like common images, common images etc...
From within mediamanager you can when uploading an image 'assign' it too common image, but be also part of another like gallery etc. Now explaining all, is quite extensive, but one is able to 'link'  in and out ..in meaning > an image (for sorting alike) can be a common image but also a gallery image  In such case you would find it under gallery image, but also under common and so on...( the files itself will reside ; (take a look by ftp) in a few folders inside the 'numbered' folder as sub of e...media folder

But as mentioned, it can take some tinkering to get familiar with it, but please do test it..it may surprise you what can be done.
As for above images > this is the (i call it ) 1 image upload (although more can be added) and manually activated to be uploaded.

Now (that was the question : by ftp a large quantity of images or files or combined > YES possible
By ftp you connect to the main e...system folder, inside this is a folder ( has those numbers) you will find a subfolder import...
Upload all your things into there. That is step 1
Now ON SITE go to mediamanager (see above image) click import...
You will get a listing of things that will be found.. select them ( best is 1 by 1 imo) and assign them to a category (look at it as folders)
to where they should belong to.. You are also able to change some names etc... (and more)
I hope it is somewhat clearer, if not please ask

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