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I'm looking for someone who's willing to develope some plugins for me, I'll pay ofcourse. If you're up for the job hit me up and we'll talk further details.

Have a nice day,

e107 version 2.1.8
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Write more about what you need, maybe those already exist.

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At first, I'm looking for a game database plugin. Where an admin or a chosen userclass can add games to.

On the admin side there the possibility to:

- add/edit/delete games

- to choose what userclass can add games using the user interface

- add/edit/delete categories e.g xbox one/ps4/3ds and genres e.g fps/horror/racing

On the user side:

- list all games as an index (a-z, 0-9, etc) accordingly by alphabet, genre or category (how many are shown on one page, asc or desc, etc)

- every game is displayed as a profile, displays info like review score, developer, publisher, system whatsoever, has its own landing picture, etc

- every game displays on its profile news, articles, reviews, guides, pictures related to it

- users are able to add games to lists that are displayed on their user profiles e.g owned games, user A adds game 1 to his owned games list, game 1 is shown on user A profile under the owned games list, etc


gamestops and nintendolifes game profiles are great examples


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Yes, I got it after looking at those examples. 

How do you know e107?

Admin part is clear.  Just add there you need custom fields for game ( for developer, publisher, system whatsoever) to description (to have it on one place, use edit button, please)

e107 has review system, or better rate system + comments.

And add possibility submit games via frontend to descripion of user part too.

I remember there's a site from another e107 user that's somehow somtehing i think you are trying to accomplish.
I can't put it here, because it has been locked on my country, somehow.

If interested, drop me a line in gitter...
Jimako, yes this is pretty much what I need
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