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Ok so I am working on making my site on e107 v2. I'm trying to make all of the pages for my content categorized into book chapters, which means I'll have plenty of books and chapters to deal with but at least everything will be categorized and easy to find.

The problem is, the dropdown list to choose book chapters when making the page (and if you try to change it later) only shows so many chapters and not all of them... How can I correct this?

Attached screenshot showing the dropdown list:

That is all of the book chapters it shows.

As seen in the above screenshot, that is not all of the book/chapters I have. I need that dropdown list to show them all.


Thanks, in advance.

e107 version 2.1.7
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Sorry everyone, I am a huge idiot.

I forgot to create chapters for the book I want to put the pages into. You have to have chapters created to have them show up in the book chapter dropdown list. Silly me. Sorry again for wasting your time.
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No worries, glad you figured it out :)
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This would need a developer to answer, as (need in 'adding/contructing' and not as general overview) you need to select it and apply it   e.g. hands on working.

I suggest to  go to https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues and post it as (enhancement ? ) issue, as others (who use large listings) will run in to (likely) the same.

Overall a flexible 'height, with max. data (names).
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At first -  check edit window, sometimes inline editing has different values

From your pictures (I don't see details) - it looks correct , you can select only chapters, not books.
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Just checked this with a developer. It should display all the chapters (and indeed not the books). It has been tested with 20+ chapters. Please verify again if some chapters are not showing in the inline menu. If that's the case, please post it up as an issue on Github (see Tgtje's answer for the link).
Just to clarify, this isn't being done with inline editing. That has it's own issues so I chose not to use inline editing. This is all done via backend editing. Not sure what you mean by inline menu... is that the dropdown list?
Your first screenshot is from inline editing (in row, now changing url).  Normal editing is when you click on edit icon / button  and you get url with edit parameter.
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