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after uploading, it took me back to the news page and now when i click on the admin panel it just takes me back to main news page. please help i just took over this game and website, and I think I may have killed the Admin panel as a whole...
e107 version I am sorry I am new to this, Not entirely sure.
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Like to help, but what item is resource_72 ?
I was attempting to fix our java chat for the site resource 72 was a recommended integration folder that  would adapt our chatplugin to our page. I went into the plugin uploader on our admin panel uploaded the zip and it took me back to our news page, now it seems like our admin php is broken like the link I'm hoping not the panel. I can provide the site where I got the file from as soon as I get home if that would help as well. I appreciate the response very much.
I downloaded the zip from tufat.com, (was told they were reputable)  it was the e107 integration file for flash-2. I have both files still in my downloads on my comp. I just uploaded the integration using the plug in part of the admin and it won't let me or any other admin go to the panel but the site is still functional? Thank you for your help.

The name is familiar, helas the soft is somewhat older. Likely cause will be the 'age' in coding depending the connections to admin/user.  
This would need a re-write of some of the parts that communicate/uses the settings for admin and users. That it does not work is for me the 'proof' that it does not know what to do, or misfired some rules that interfere..

If you want the site to run again, delete or rename the components for chat, and/or change setting in database concerning the chat (or zip contents). (always backup of course).
Both are for me unknown cq never used.


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