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Hi, so basically I have a new team just starting in a couple of games and am just wondering if there was anyone on here willing to make me a theme as i have seen the ones on the page but there not very good and I wanted something that stands out.

Yes I am willing to pay for a theme so if you get back to me we can discuss what I would like.


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Well there are some good themers around; take a look at Mcpeace-maw ( https://manatwork.info) but helas, i think he is rebuilding the site ??? and also there is Fizi ( http://fizithemes.hu/) . There are others too of course, but these (imo) are strong in gaming themes.
Reach out to them.

In no way i discourage other themers to reply, he/she who's interested.. here's a chance wink

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Thank you for that I shall try them out straight away and yes the first link looks like the site is getting re done :)



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What type of theme you are looking for?  I made special theme for someone, who disappered so I left with theme I have no use for:  http://counterstrike.e107.sk/   It's bootstrap base and it was tested with 2.1.5.
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how do i get this theme. is it bootstrap?
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