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The e107 pages (e.g., https://ebid-nm.org/e107/news.php ; https://ebid-nm.org/e107/page.php?id=9 ) are displaying fine on the company's intranet; however I am seeing a blank page (i.e., no content) on the www/internet). Other webpages are displaying fine on both the intranet and internet (e.g., https://ebid-nm.org/ )

The e107 pages were displaying fine a week ago, so obviously something has changed since then. Any pointers would be appreciated

I am using PHP 5.6.31 and IIS 7 with Windows 2008 R2

It seems that the css, js, etc. files are not being sent and I am getting an empty html document. I have cleared the browser history so the browser should be requesting content from the server instead of getting them from memory

Note: I received the following error when testing in debug mode; however, I don't know if it is related to the problem:

~Undefined index: SERVER_ADDR, Line 174 of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\e107\e107_handlers\iphandler_class.php


e107 version 2.1.7
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At the moment I am getting a 404 error? Looks like you have moved the website?

It could be that your IP was banned when trying to view the website. Check the IP's in the banlist for your IP.
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We could not find a solution to the problem and I could not wait any longer so I reloaded the e107 cms and uploaded the content that I backed up (the backup process works great and even I could figure out how to use it!). The new blog is ad https://ebid-nm.org/e10702/  Thanks for looking at the problem.

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