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Anyone know how to remove admin area button at the top of the voux theme? I've done it before but I think I manually edited the themes core files.
e107 version 2.1.7
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This one sets me up wondering ;  normally (afaik) there is no admin area button on top. (front view).
There's one in WM  (can be deleted in welcome page), or is it the case of the sign in/log in?
This one can be changed in theme manager > tab > preferences (Voux).

One of these, else a little bit more info please.

Theme php line 306 by install > bottom right; theme xml  line 42 and up (control = t.config php) and to make it difficult also mind the theme shortcode line 93 ......
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Here you go. You can see it here in the image. And the preference is already set to the bottom.

well since the image doesn't enlarge, i do need to asume it is the BLACk button that displays Go to admin area
That is what i described earlier:  it is set in the welcome message (adminpanel : Welcome message). Edit this 'page' and delete button/link from there
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