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Sorry if I did not put tghis in the right area.

Basiclly like the title says Is there a plugin to help with this or do I need to edit the theme ?.
e107 version 2.1.7
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To my knowledge no plugin.

Theme hardcoded will surely work. (But any change does need external (by ftp or editor)  theme change

Dependant on the theme you are using, the option to use a menu area (or create a menu area) so you have more possibilities?  (like dividing by columns (blocks) etc.. (most versatile solution))
Inside using links which can be altered 'on site .  (remember the v1 Core theme? that used links+img to parts of e107 in box form (  3 in a row)
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I don't know if you need just links or images with links. You can:

-  have footer with menu area and add there custom menu with images, links

- have footer with {SITELINKS: type=footer} and just links to sitelinks. You can use icon/images for it.
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Thank you for the suggestions I will look into this further.
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Best option (easiest; build on Jimako's reference) :

when in sitelinks create a Container link (eg main link for 'block' called Third Parties etc..) now  create sublinks for those sites you which to link too.
For ALL links (for this) use template x-footer  (dropdown option whilst creating).. that's it. See site or menu manager where it will display (around footer)

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You don't need a plugin depending on the theme, you can add links/html to the Settings> Preferences> Site Information > "Site Disclaimer" textarea, just be sure that admins can post html (I noticed on a fresh install that you have to set that in "Security and Protection" then delete the cache before it would allow the code to save properly and display properly).

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You can also use the site_links plugin, it has it's own menu that displays the more recent links added to it....
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