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hi iam cant add a new menu in "menu manager" when iam pushing buttom "GO"
nothing happents iam not get the postition add to area1?

this happening after iam install "YTM" youtube.
anyone now what iam gone to do now?
e107 version 2.1.7
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5 Answers

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Try removing the youtube addon first and then see if it works, add your menu, then enable Youtube again.
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ok this not working!

ihave removing the youtube plugin but still the same.
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Some questions :
Which theme
Which layout in use
Which menu (from a plugin etc..?

Check admin/tools/database (left side bottom : scan plugin)
Empty caches
Change to English iff other language in use..
Note : putting a menu in 1 layout at a position is no guarantee it will be seen on an actual page, that does not use that layout.
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i using theme BS Gaming 01 (sidebar-left)
and when i going to manage/menu manager/Inactive Menus/plugins
then i have to bock the plugin the plugin iwant and push the button "GO"
but nothing happens dont get the text there Area1,2,3 etc..

ihave upload a database again that ihave download from backup (dont work)
changing to english in admin but still the same.
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Ok, it is not the theme (tested it fresh).

(Asking : you DO see the layout and its areas in screen???)

So you do NOT see the 'dropdown  box'?

If this is the case some things are not loaded or not called.
Best to use the recently new add ons for Chrome (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/e107-dev/ikpmmbnjfndjmpmehlgeeinfkiaafdkf)  or the one for Firefox..(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/e107-dev/)  and activate it on site (best logged in) it will try to help you finding this cause.

You can run checks and plugin scan etc under admin/tools/  see left column.

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TGJE ihave sent you a private messages!
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Read and answered.
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