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I've just tried to install the Social Login app to my site, and Im unable to get past this error message - 


[5]Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id.


I've set an FB-app up, using App ID and App secret - though im not so sure about what to enter at "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" so i've entered my domain?

I've set it up to allow Web OAuth Lgoin.

As in E107, what does SCOPE mean? What should I enter there? 

Im sure im doing something wrong, but I just cant figure out what?! I've read countless of threads hoping someone else had the same problem, but no success...
My last resort is to ask you guys! 


I have even set it to Not require a valid email to make an account..



I need your help!

e107 version 2.1.6
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5 Answers

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Take a read here too (maybe some extra info) https://e107help.org/3766/social-plugin-error

FB DEV (not e107) 
Client OAuth Settings (settings of app)
Valid O >  is FULL url (domain/index.php (...a page)  or in case sub FULL url/domain/sub/  ) 
Best to leave Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs  on  NO (1) all others there Yes.(5). (thats my view)

Scope : read this, it has some insight on what the formfiled does (used for) 

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Alright, I've read through both - the first link I read before I posted this question. And honestly, I've come no further.

I've set the OAuth and scope but no change in progress. And as in the first link, what files did that person miss? How do I know if I miss them aswell?
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Go to https://github.com/e107inc/e107/tree/master/e107_handlers/hybridauth
Compare the content with your folders/files. it is that easy.. If you find any missing one, use download (main page top right/ clone or download > take zip and unpack and upload (overwrite) the needed ones..

It always can happen during transport (from a to b) that a glitch or connection loss happens. Not often.. but it happens..
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This did not work either :/
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A hard one, as you can not post your FB credentials (thats is were the error originates) one of the settings interferes.. (maybe set api to 2,5 on fb dev ?)

not forget as it can happen:  is it switchted on  (2x) ? (and configured) Social plugin configuration
It is set to Api 2.5


And yes, its switched on.

If i try to signup with /signup.php, I get forwarded to FB to accept the app then I get sent back to e107 and get "domain.com/#_=_"
And it is set to "Signup/Login" in the Social/Configure page


Okey, this problem was the theme - now fixed. Though, the other problem precist. Still can't Register or Login via Facebook.
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Anyone got any ideas?
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