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My TinyMCE stopped to working. I don't know what happened. When I installed it worked fine. After a few hours it disappeared (maybe because of another plugin? or some kind of server settings? I don't know)

I have a local developer copy on my PC it is working fine. On the server it disappeared however it is visible under the MISC menu and the plugin manager.
I tried to overwrite with my local wysiwyg.php and the latest one from github (which was updated because of the language bug) but none of them helped.

If I turn ON WYSIWYG text render looks like this:

Turned off looks like this:

I want this:

I tried on http and https too but it is the same. Other interesting difference is the local version has "need help" banner, counts the online users and latest news section is filled but the server version doesn't. Like this:

What did I wrong? Basically without WYSIWYG editor only those can create articles who knows html codes. Not too user friendly. :(

Thank you.

e107 version 2.1.6
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Not a real answer yet, just for you to check : are those versions identical ? Could be one is older and tinymce is integrated, where the newer version has become a not installed plugin... Please check. (ps when in dev mode, you could update using github link (database left side bottom > sync + empty caches) Nevertheless: always backup first... (another would/could be a plugin check> also via link database). Question : did you create or updated a page using html  before it disppeared (some code might evoke some misbehaviour)

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Thank you. I have checked the settings:
e107 Version 2.1.6 (git)
Admin Theme Bootstrap 3 v1.0 by e107 Inc (2013-12-25)
Server Apache
PHP Version 5.6.22
MySQL 5.5.5-10.1.19-MariaDB
PDO: Disabled
Charset utf-8

e107 Version 2.1.6 (git)
Admin Theme Bootstrap 3 v1.0 by e107 Inc (2013-12-25)
Server Apache/2.4.25 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2j
PHP Version 5.5.38
MySQL 5.6.35
PDO: Disabled
Charset utf-8

As I mentioned it worked on the server for several hours or maybe a days so both had built in TinyMCE4.

DB cache deleted. Plugin scanned and seems ok.
TinyMce4 tinymce4 e_header e_footer Installed

Still doesn't work.
I did not changed the HTML only in CSS (colors, fonts).

Tomorrow I will try to overwrite with the github version in DEV mode.
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Sorry, which version of the TinyMCE should I try? Do you have exact link? Thank you.
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Update the whole system, but Tinymce (install mode) was changed on the 11th of August. It is the plugin itself from Github  (2.1.6 version is updated nearly everyday to version 2.1.7 ; that is why you are able to update via system so one always has the latetst file... do mind, adviced is to disable dev mode when not actual needed to run)
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In the morning I had overwritten the full directory with the latest content of the github version.

Tiny MCE still doesn't work and now my "forum latest post" options doesn't work too.

It seems every day one function starts to not working. :(
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Forum last is possible (plugin is worked on, plugin scan + cache delete, optimise dbase.

A) possible to enable pdo?  and/or access (full admin) possible ? (if yes and wanted by PM)
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Did you check if your prefs werent changed? Did you run database update? Admin can look different because settings in your admin theme.
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@Jimako  site is checked, no real errors (using admin + debug) , but half of the libraries (external) are not loaded, so things can not react. Probably related to server. No clues to be found..(no server access).

Thanks for the many help to tgtje. It was really kind of you.

I made some tests. I created a new subdomain, and a new folder structure + new mysql database. Tests:

Test 1.
Latest E107(from git)
+ original template files
 + latest hungarian files (from git)
+ the old e107_config (connection changed to the new db)
+ old mysql db data cloned to the new db
+ content from system dir copied.
Result: Site was working on the new subdomain, content was there images disappeared (i forgot to copy the media manager) but the TinyMCE did not work.

Test 2.  
Latest E107(from git)
+ original template files
+ latest hungarian files (from git) 
+ new empty db.
No old config or data. I made a clean install.
Result: the site was installed successfully. After tinyMCE plugin installed it worked properly.

So server is ok. It allows the TinyMCE to work. I think one of the old plugins made this problem (this is my first E107 so I tested many of them then uninstalled.)

I don't know if I create a total new site, setup the design to the same how can I import the old content to the new site? Is there any possibility?

Hmm still strange ( yes was one third party when checked, but mentioned it).

If it works :yes
On question:  YES, but you have to brave and willing to take some manual labour..

Backup your database(s) first, and save to pc) Log off for now.

Use a good editor (Notepad++ or PSPad or alike).

Now assuming you have the old/original (full) also in backup : (and if it is a v2 dbase..the better). in case V1 !!!!! this will not be the best solution at first glance since structural change)...

Best to describe we are after is comparing the old one and the new one.. When you open one you will see parts that are 'block mode 'eg.  Pieces that mention  CREATE TABLE with info and Pieces with INSERT INTO.  
Now when ALL THE SAME is installed (plugs/theme, you could forget about the CREATE part) and focus on the INSERT pieces.

The Insert pieces hold the 'content' in USE.. eg a page created, a position etc.. (short > the 'works').

Each INSERT line starts with table names > for dbase structure!! DO NOT change that at all.
FOCUS on the VALUE lines > they start with (1, number, bla bla, bla, bla,,.... these are the ones needed)

WARNING ! Watch the last CHARACTER on the LAST value line> it ALWAYS has to end with a  ;  (semicolon)!!

Now when ALL is installed the ABS SAME. you should see (dbase) the same structure, (although the NEW dbase should hold LESS values (from installment), but the structure is there. THIS would make it EASY by just moving the the values into that structured area. (fe. a fresh install with plugins installed (no further content) would make the ideal setting)

2 methods : a) you do it on server/database by inserting sql queries, or b) cut and paste on pc editor.

(PC) BEWARE copy ONLY the value lines starting with (1....... untill the end ; (semicolon) Paste this into the new dbase at the SAME position ( is a (1... present....OVERWRITE. NO duplicate allowed!!!!)  save.. use (if done correctly you are able to upload the dbatabase for usage and the system should use it..( when somethings wrong you WILL notice it)... SO test and be sure...

At sql server it is more different...(but not that hard).

The same applies ALL has to be present..  by example : suppose you use the e107_news TABLE. (this applies for all THOSE tables that are changed, eg plugins,pages etc.....so do not change everything; only the ones needed..less labour))
You have now 2 choices : either ALL replace OR partial.. 
IF ALL IS THE SAME : DELETE the table completly (e107_news) ; than copy CREATE TABLE + INSERT TO completly (for e107_news table) and use sql querie insert (normaly tab 3 on sql server) and PASTE ALL inside the empty window save.. the TABLE +  Content should be created.... (green V = great...errors are reported)

Adding a single value line is nearly the same procedure (No CREATE piece) , but than duplicate may NOT exist, and you have to be very carefull with the good coding + the last semicolon !!! 
Well a long story, maybe somewhat jibberish... but hey.. it does work. ALWAYS TEST before actual doing things.. Just do not forget..basically  is copy and paste...  just code use is tricky...

Need more info or help: be free to ask.

(NOTE!!! image paths may cause issues)..for text it works good)

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