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This appears

"URL is blocked: This redirect fails because the redirected "URI" is not in the white list in the application's "Client OAuth" settings. Make sure Customer and Web OAuth Login are included and add all your application domains as valid OAuth Redirect URIs."

e107 version v2.1.6
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Please describe what you are doing and when it happens.. It is too general (can be in system OR at FB.

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I fixed the problem. I had missing files in the "hybridauth" folder.



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I soon found that there was a problem with entering FB. Before you worked normally. As far as I understand, I need to put some OAuth Redirect URIs in the FB that I do not know what it should be.
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I made this mistake. Now a new one appears. After you try to sign in to the site, this error appears "[5]Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id."

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Can anybody help me?
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Check again, as i did setup a FB login ...

All posted all do seem to point to a setting you made incorrectly:

Enter FB developer site!!! Now when supposing you do have set/create your 'app'

IN APP Dashboard > you are given a key and secret (when in app). Use those.in e107 system.

Now in FB DEV follow each part add domain etc...

Settings and Products are essential !!   
Settings advanced find (top ) 
Native or desktop app?  ENABLE it and ; app secret in client : Yes

Now in Products (fb login?) you will find the OAuth settings... And that is where the mistakes come from.....Somewhere there is a mismatch or need filled in...



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What do I need to write in "Valid OAuth redirect URIs"? please help

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