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Alright I keep asking these questions cause quite frankly I am a bit in a hurry to get my website released. People are waiting like crazy and I feel bit pressured. I think I have pretty much all the basics but there is one feature I would like to have on the website. Possibility for members to write reviews on albums. The way it goes that the first thing is always the band. After you have created the band you can start adding stuff to that band like links, videos, albums etc. I am going to review albums myself but I want to give my members a possibility to review those albums too. I will do my reviews in the adminside but the members review I would want them to do it on the website itself.

Can anyone push me to a direction here where to start looking? And I do apologize for asking so many things but since time is the luxury I don't have atm I don't have a choice.

My php version is 5.4.42
e107 version Version 2.1.6 (git)
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Could I perhaps use the submitnews.php as a reference on this? It does pretty much what I need for the review functionality. Just throwing ideas here.
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Yes would indeed be a good idea, but it is one-point > news related (assigned to news). Wish i could code, even better would be (imo) a rating  and review script combined evntually.

Best suited i think would best be:.
Pity that comments is deep integrated throughout the whole system..would be a very good supplement too ( not enough knowledge if the (plugin etc) itself could not be 'rebuild' using review instead of comment (by word) (it is templated, has already stuff onboard for classes etc, works at a lot of  diff.pieces in system (news/pages etc..) ...??? enough ideas but helas....as mentioned (lack off) coding skills

Thinking of it , do not know if vstore plugin (a store plugin by Cameron) also has it.. a lot of shopping thingies use those... (see some reference but do not know) https://github.com/e107inc/vstore (instead of building > borrow ;) )

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How do you review on admin site? I suppose just star inbuild system is not enough? Why comment system is not enough? There was old band plugin from father barry somewhere. I cant remember how he did reviews. If inbuild comment system is not enough, you need to do it yourself. With your own table and frontend editing (you could get inspired by submitnews). I use for something like this survey plugin but you will.need to.create one for each band. But if your band has its own forum, you can display results directly there. But be warned, original.survey plugin is abbandoned, I published only changes to get it works under version 2 and only in extend of my needs.
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I was actually going through Page and Menus and I believe I could do the reviews with Pages and have people commenting and using the inbuilt star system. I really don't want to start building everything myself just because I am not familiar enough with all the possibilities e107 has.

Was trying to quickly find information about Pages, Menus and Books...what is the difference with all those?
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Best to keep these questions apart, although related.

In short : Pages is like creating standalone content; informative or describing aka like a story (fill with your likings or meaning)

As being a cms the core = content >   Cms
In v1 the content plugin was in use, but now rewritten.

Books and chapters allow you to 'gather/combine' pages into a 'common'markup (read books? They have ttiles, chapters, pages) look at them in the same way when using the system..So you can have 100 pages where 20 belong to book A 15 to B etc.. You can (url) call books and related pages etc...and so on (versatile).

Menus : build there to add own 'small content goal) to assign smaller pieces into (normally) the sidebars of the system, can be a clock, small image, little poll etc.. Some are provided in core, others you can add. The menus build can than be set to an area of your liking.. Multiple languages add some versatile possibilities too when a 'menu' is in other languages also of importance...

It is hort but that is the basics... Need more info : just ask

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Thank you very much for your answer! So all in all I think I could make the cd reviews as pages. I just need a landing page where I can list all the reviews and people can click a cd and read the review aka page. There they can also rate it and comment it. Does this sound reasonable? We are talking about maybe 10-20 reviews in the beginning but will grow within time.
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