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Hello Community,

Unfortunately I miss the field for your own website in the comments on my e107-Theme under http://e107v1.wpzweinull.ch .

It would be nice if my readers had a URL field when commenting.

How can I add it manually. I have here a template for comments, which looks like this.

 * e107 website system
 * Copyright (C) 2008-2009 e107 Inc (e107.org)
 * Released under the terms and conditions of the
 * GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt)
 * $Source: /cvs_backup/e107_0.8/e107_themes/templates/comment_template.php,v $
 * $Revision$
 * $Date$
 * $Author$

if (!defined('e107_INIT')) { exit; }
if (!defined("USER_WIDTH")){ define("USER_WIDTH", "width:100%"); }

global $sc_style;
global $pref, $comrow, $row2, $tp, $NEWIMAGE, $USERNAME, $RATING;

$sc_style['SUBJECT']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['SUBJECT']['post'] = "";

$sc_style['USERNAME']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['USERNAME']['post'] = "";

$sc_style['TIMEDATE']['pre'] = "<small>";
$sc_style['TIMEDATE']['post'] = "</small>";

$sc_style['AVATAR']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['AVATAR']['post'] = "";

$sc_style['COMMENTS']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['COMMENTS']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['JOINED']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['JOINED']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['COMMENT']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['COMMENT']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['RATING']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['RATING']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['IPADDRESS']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['IPADDRESS']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['LEVEL']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['LEVEL']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['LOCATION']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['LOCATION']['post'] = "<br />";

$sc_style['SIGNATURE']['pre'] = "";
$sc_style['SIGNATURE']['post'] = "<br />";


// from e107.org
$sc_style['REPLY']['pre']                                 = "<span class='comment-reply'>";
$sc_style['REPLY']['post']                                 = "</span>";

$sc_style['COMMENTEDIT']['pre']                  = '<span class="comment-edit">';
$sc_style['COMMENTEDIT']['post']                 = '</span>';

$sc_style['COMMENT_AVATAR']['pre']          = '<div class="comment-avatar center">';
$sc_style['COMMENT_AVATAR']['post']         = '</div>';

$sc_style['SUBJECT_INPUT']['pre']                = ""; //COMLAN_324
$sc_style['SUBJECT_INPUT']['post']                = "";

$sc_style['AUTHOR_INPUT']['pre']                = ""; // COMLAN_16
$sc_style['AUTHOR_INPUT']['post']                = "";

$sc_style['COMMENT_INPUT']['pre']                = "";// COMLAN_8
$sc_style['COMMENT_INPUT']['post']                = "";

$sc_style['COMMENT_BUTTON']['pre']                = "";
$sc_style['COMMENT_BUTTON']['post']                = "";

$sc_style['COMMENT_SHARE']['pre']                = "";
$sc_style['COMMENT_SHARE']['post']                = "";

$sc_style['COMMENT_RATE']['pre']                  = '';
$sc_style['COMMENT_RATE']['post']                 = '';

//$sc_style['USER_AVATAR']['pre']                  = '<div class="comment-avatar center">';
//$sc_style['USER_AVATAR']['post']                 = '</div>';

$sc_style['COMMENT_MODERATE']['pre']        = '<span class="comment-moderate">';
$sc_style['COMMENT_MODERATE']['post']        = '</span>';

$sc_style['MODERATE']['pre']        = '<div class="span12" style="padding:10px">';
$sc_style['MODERATE']['post']        = '</div>';

$COMMENT_TEMPLATE['form']                        = "
{SETIMAGE: w=90&h=90&crop=1}
<div class='media comment-box comment-box-form clearfix'>
  <div class='comment-box-left media-object pull-left'>
        <div class='media-body comment-box-right text-left'>
                <div class='P10'>
                        <div id='commentformbutton'>
<div class='clear_b'><!-- --></div>

Thanks in advance.

e107 version 2.1.6
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2 Answers

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Problem with url is related to news data. In new version there is sef-url field, you have it empty - my quess. You can add it manually by editing news and generate sef-url or you can go to.preferencies. then url configuration. Set your news urls. And regenerate or something like this. Or your news categories are without sef-urls. And excuse me, on mobile now.
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Thanks, but we misunderstood here :) I wanted to actually realize how my readers can comment on the portal with URL+Name. Say you can link your own website in the comment-sector.

Has e107 this function by default or what do I have to adjust or where?

Thank you. Do you know what I mean?

Alex L,

If I understand you correctly, you want to your commentors have a text field to enter their website URL like in WP while submiting the comment using the e107 comment form, right? Unfortunately As far as I know this is not possible natively in e107.

But the users can have their website URL in their user profile if you have enabled that in the admin or the user can simply post the link in the 'comment text' field itself.
I agree with skepticHominid, this functionality is not supported out of the box but can be done through a plugin. It can hook into the 'comments engine' functionality, allowing the plugin author to define the fields that should be displayed.
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OK, Thanks! 

Then I am now well informed. Yes, you had understood me correctly :)

But well, then I'll work with e107. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with this OpenSource CMS.

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