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Hello everyone, it's been a long time I wasn't around, maybe since the old forum migrate to this one ;)

After several tries, I tried to install e107 v2.1.5 on 2 free hosting systems but each time I can't complete installation because I'm not able to connect the SQL Database :


I always got this message : "SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection Refused" !

I contacted each hoster support service but no solution.

I deleted all files, re-uploaded them, check my SQL settings (username, password, DB name, etc)... even changed sql address server for "localhost" or "root" but no way... Whatelse I can do now ?


Thanks for the help.

Joe !
e107 version 2.1.5
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Hi, indeed long time no see...
Yep 000web has some issues, nethertheless i have a site running there.. So yes 000webhost is capable.
However if must admit sometimes that (or similar) message arrives..

Make sure the DATABASE exists (do NOT let e107 make it).
I overcome such situation by doing it 3-4 times and at some point voila... there she goes..
But it sometimes looks like the connection is a bit wanky, especially when you use the free domain routine... ( 
http://tgtje.webege.com/) uses 2.1.6 (by upgrade) on php 7.1.7 (and does also run on its 000webhostapp com address).

At lotody 000web > that is a v2.0  that one could indeed cause issues.. (later versions are reworked in parts).

Best to use as first dbasecharacter a letter; and remember localhost is connect..

Why not go directly for 2.1.6; that the newest...?

Just in case (worth a tryout  local install ? export/than import the dbase and files to 000webh...keep site url as a single  /   in prefs (it will know what the url is; that way import is much easier)



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Nice tutorial. But Landing Zero shouldn't be default theme, it should be bootstrap3. LZ is not good theme to show possibilities of e107 with boostrap. I know, you can do nothing with it, I just have the need to write this, it's annoying and step to wrong way. Bootstrap3 should be improved to higher level.
I fully agree Jimako, but it was made by a staff member (i guess) from 000webhost...

LZ has some 'let's call it issues'.
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