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Years ago I inherited a v0.7.23 site that was running without much input since then, but recently there was a PHP upgrade to 7.0 and I was forced to update e107 to 2.1.4 along with it. After some issues now everything seems to be working, except for the downloads. I get a http error as follows:

The requested URL /download/category/11/egyeb was not found on this server.

To me it seems like it's related to a rewrite problem, but the .htaccess file is fresh and in place. I have corresponding entries in my apache error.log, but I couldn't resolve my issue by researching on that.

[negotiation:error] [pid 8099] [client address:port] AH00687: Negotiation: discovered file(s) matching request: /var/www/mytld/mydomain/download (None could be negotiated)., referer: http://mydomain.mytld/e107_plugins/download/download.php

I can no longer see error messages on my admin board and the site is seemingly functioning perfectly aside from this part I could not revive yet since the update. Does anybody have experience with something similar, can interpret the above errors better, or have an idea worth trying?

Thanks for your time in advance!

e107 version 2.1.4
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Do not know everything from your post but as test > (looks like htaccess indeed) ENABLE

(line 48 of .htaccess) ###    Options +FollowSymLinks   to  Options +FollowSymLinks  (delete the ### ).

Save and test

(note : do NOT delete (or have deleted) the folders e107_files!! these contain the files from v1 + links at dbase level)

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Hey, thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately uncommenting line 48 didn't produce any change. As for the folders, I should have a complete 2.1.4 structure. Since I could not access the site because of v0.7.23's incompatibility with PHP7, I had to migrate it into a virtual machine, update it there, then move it back. Aside from that initial kick it should have been a regular update. Do you have anything specific I should look for?

Tell me if I can supply any additional info that might help moving forward.

Will be a little painfull if no access is at hand.. I do have to asume you did update with the update pack?

Alternative method would be more successfull i guess > DO you still have a backup of v7.23 + its dbase?

First pointer v1 is not php 7 compat. This also implies that any plugin might have an inluence too. Specially third party. (old php code which is deprecated etc.. and calls for mysql (also deprecated) ) Most php 7 use pdo or mysqli.

What would i do in this case? If you do have backups i would run a local install (wamp; xamp; have php 7).... but run it on a php 5.4 to 5.6 version first if possible. Next would be upgrade v7. 23 to v1.04. Look if all works fine.. than backup for safety. (as seen on org> updates are asumed from v1 versions; not directly older v7)

Update that system with a v2 pack first and than switch the local machine to use php 7  (can run some checks first). Any mistakes would now already be visible or traceable.

From this point on you than go to live if possible.

I do believe there's an interferance from  v7 23... as there were also changes to system before it became v1 .0.4; and those might not be addressed...


The update was a bit painful since I wasn't even sure how it goes with e107. I did it a few weeks back, and as far as I remember, I copied over first e107_v0.7.x_to_1.0.0_upgrade.zip, then e107_v1.x_to_2.1.4_upgrade.zip. Some useless messing around, then I discovered not being superadmin, fixed that and updated the db. Had a few localization and other minor errors, soon after I managed to rid the interface of those messages too.

I still have the backup folders of the above update steps in the VM, meaning I got the files of 0.7.23, 1.0 and the final 2.1.4. Unfortunately I only had the initial db backup saved, and seemingly I discarded that when I believed everything is up and running.

I had deleted and reinstalled the download plugin, if that's useful information. Didn't help much.

Since I can't see e107_files in the full package, how does that get generated? Is there a way to, for example, reset it? I don't even mind losing the downloads as long as the pages and news entries stay intact - if that's an option.

Or would, should something like that work, that I install a fresh e107 and replace it's db with the current's dump?
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After reading your comments, I think the upgrade went pretty well. Seeing it is a major upgrade, issues are to be expected. I am glad you managed to fix those yourself. If you need any further help with it, please let us know. 

Do you still have the e107_files folder in place? This should have been left there from the v1 installation. Perhaps the upgrade now also includes a routine which transfers the files from the download plugin to its new location, I'll need to check this. In this case you won't need the e107_files folder. Anyhow, I would not recommend changing too much now since your installation appears seems to be working fine except for the downloads plugin issue. 

The issue you are experiencing with the download links is related to the Apache configuration.

Normally using the e107.htaccess file as .htaccess file (just renaming it) should do the trick. Perhaps there are additional configurations possible on your specific hosting platform. I am not familiar with the error myself but some googling suggest that using 'Multiviews' may cause the issue. 

Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews

To this:

Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks



I understand that you already did your research on this, but I am afraid this is not e107 specific but rather a server configuration issue. One thing you could try is going into Admin Area > Settings > URL configuration > and then hit the 'Rebuild' option next to 'Downloads'. 

Alternatively you can turn of the SEF URLs for downloads specifically in Admin Area > Settings > URL configuration > Configurations > Switch 'Downloads' to off. 

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Hey, thanks for the input and sorry for the delay - I was afk for the weekend.

As per the default .htaccess shipped with 2.1.4, this is what I had to begin with.

### enable rewrites
###    Options +FollowSymLinks 
    RewriteEngine On

Tried the following combinations, without any success:

Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks
Options FollowSymLinks

And now it's back to default at the moment.

The SEFs had already been rebuilt, because after updating I had malformed urls like this:


Now I managed to get the downloads functional by switching back from user friendly URLs and rebuilding them again. I'd still be happy to know what's the problem with the .htaccess file, though. I don't know about any specific configuration on the server, never had issues with the site before the upgrade or with other sites using .htaccess files.

I think that rebuild system doesn't rebuild categories, only downloads themselfs.  Glad you got it solved.
Strange results.. Glad you got it working in the end.

I am not sure about the htaccess configuration. The .htaccess file that comes with e107 by default should work on the majority of installations. Your initial error pointed towards an incompabitibility and required changes to the .htaccess file, but these did not solve your issue...

Not sure on this one :)
After this past few days I made my peace with it anyway, a minor cosmetic issue, not that big of a deal. I'm letting this go.

Thanks for your time guys, I appreciate your help!
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