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I recently upgraded from E107 0.7 to 2.1.2 but I can't save anything on the Preferences page in the admin area. I keep getting the "Please Fill Out This Field" popup to the upper left of the page when I click on "Save Changes". Do you guys know how I can fix this please?
e107 version 2.1.2
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This is probably a bug which has now been fixed in Github, and which will be present in the next release (probably 2.1.3).

You can manually update already. Here are the instructions:
- Enable developer mode in Admin Area > Preferences > Advanced features
- Go to Admin Area > Tools > Database > Sync with Github

(self note: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/1245)
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Thanks for the answer, Moc. Unfortunately, I can't even enable developer mode because of the same error - "Please Fill Out This Field" pops up to the upper left of the page when I click on "Save Changes". :(

Ok, the only option then is to do it manually. Download the latest files zip from Github: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/archive/master.zip

In your case, I'd say only reupload and overwrite this file: e107_admin/prefs.php

Then see if you can follow the instructions in my previous post to update from Github. 
Let me know how it works out :) 

Doesn't seem to work. Problem still persists. :(



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Doesn't seem to work. Problem still persists. :(

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@Sherman kept the install that did replicate, but for testing (separate folder)  i had also to use the latest...In the latest (1/2 h old) i have NO issues. So it has to be something internal..(maybe a miss overwrite ? as mentioned while busy i could replicate, which was not on forehand.) that makes it awkward.. Maybe (just maybe) an admin peek inside , honestly have no clue if it would help, but who knows.?
tgtje, which file from the latest build fixed the problem? Or was it the database?
Sorry, I forgot about the screenshot. The issue is being discussed here: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/2152
Base is a new full github pack: if that works fine, than problem lies else. (deduction).

For a further examination one would need the whole site (files and dbase) to accurately pinpoint the cause. So a next step COULD be : backup ALL (files and dbase) upload a github pack (do not install, and delete the install file). Now copy the old config to this new pack, and point the dbase to a created copy of the dbase. (original keep in backup !!). Stop there.. upload from backup any third party plugins/theme you use. )or do it one by one and test...else :

Log in and test (update will likely being set in motion). Workaround : yes, but base is new.

Iff anything would trigger the same thing : than you already narrowed the issue being in theme or older plugin.
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Dirty fix : please comment line 461 of admin/prefs.php to get a working state. (disable)

Please note : it is not THE solution, it has to be reviewed...

@Moc : should this be made an issue ? The amount of issues with this are (yet) low..? I will post is as a message on Gitter.

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Yep, please post it up on Github now :) Thank you.
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