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I have three sites with e107 that I sync with github and haven't had a problem in the past.

Today I synced two sites without a problem but the third site on the same server I was unable to connect.

After syncing with github it showed all green and displayed success but I couldn't see any menu links to use. When i tried to access the admin login page as well as the index page I couldn't.

I restored the site from a backup and tried syncing with github again but couldn't do so with the same problem. The previous sync with github went through without a hitch.
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Thanks for that. The only difference I see is that is relevant server side:


and on the server .htaccess and robots.txt that has the e107 removed to activate.

The base should be identical as I have a dedicated server?

Subsequently, I downloaded the latest zip from github, extracted it and uploaded without the install.php to my site.

It worked. There was a database update > Update core database structure

I then tried to sync with github with no success. The same showed as indicated in my earlier screenshots and had to restore from a backup after uploading the latest files that i had downloaded from github.
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Fri Aug 12 16:25:10.673158 2016] [fcgid:warn] [pid 6365] [client 118.92.xx.xxx:48198] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function tablestyle() in /home/xxxx/public_html/class2.php on line 1001

118.92.xx is my IP address
If it's of any help, the following is my e107_config.php

 * e107 website system
 * Copyright (C) 2008-2014 e107 Inc (e107.org)
 * Released under the terms and conditions of the
 * GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt)
 * e107 configuration file
 * This file has been generated by the installation script.

$mySQLserver    = 'localhost';
$mySQLuser      = 'xxxx';
$mySQLpassword  = 'xxxx';
$mySQLdefaultdb = 'xxxx_xxx';
$mySQLprefix    = 'e107_';
$mySQLcharset = "utf8";

$ADMIN_DIRECTORY     = 'e107_admin/';
$FILES_DIRECTORY     = 'e107_files/';
$IMAGES_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_images/';
$THEMES_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_themes/';
$PLUGINS_DIRECTORY   = 'e107_plugins/';
$HANDLERS_DIRECTORY  = 'e107_handlers/';
$LANGUAGES_DIRECTORY = 'e107_languages/';
$HELP_DIRECTORY      = 'e107_docs/help/';
$MEDIA_DIRECTORY      = 'e107_media/';
$SYSTEM_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_system/';
The error you posted is indeed the cause of your issue.
I suggest taking this information to Cameron using the Gitter chatroom: https://gitter.im/CaMer0n
@Moc : isnt it a possibility (keeping the sites build in mind) 'that a design error is on the news template ? (or a misplaced sc. ?
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