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I have a problem with permissions and downloading plugins as well as cron jobs, wondering whats going on if I try to install a plugin i get this:

If I try to install a theme I get this window within a window of the same thing instead of seeing install was completed?

I also noticed my cron jobs for github is not working and yes i have the code installed on my Cpanel?

Stating: fatal: Unable to create '/home/tricity/public_html/.git/index.lock': Permission denied error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied

Any help on this would be great, this is after a brand new install of e107 latest from github seems permissions are not going through so would be great if there was a list showing what permissions should be.

e107 version 2.1.2
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All good now tgtje, I chown my public_html and all is working now....so if anyone else have this problem its because I installed with the user, then tried to modify and add with root user.

Which messed things up always use the same user you start with so theres no problem.

Thanks for the help on this one tgtje.
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First of all :

1 question per post (to keep it clear and easy to find, not influenced by other things).

Seems like something is missed (point 1 & 2) (happened before, similar case)

Steps to do (possible solution) >

Go into admin/preferences/advanced

enable developer mode

go to admin/tools/database

select sync with github and execute (disable  dev mode when done)

Try again..

About point 3 > cron (do not use/familiar with, so can not help) as for chmodding >

there no list because each server might a) use different settings b) numbers is apache; IIs uses  r w x etc.. overall  method > as low as possible !! normally folders max 755 files 644  but system handles it for you > admin/tools/database > chmod option

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Thanks tgtje,

as for 1 is already set to dev-mod went to DB to Sync with github and just get error: Couldn't download .zip file.

So still not working I'm running centos which normally i do chmod 777 but that not allowing things as well.

so i dont know if there something missing...reason i say this is because if a plugin says e107 they download and install...if it does not say e107 they will not download? and must be done manually.

If i use Correct Prems i get a long string as such:

Failed applying filemode '755' on directory '..//e107_media' `-> the directory '..//e107_media' will be skipped from recursive chmod Failed applying filemode '644' on file '..//upload.php' Failed applying filemode '644' on file '..//e107.htaccess' Failed applying filemode '755' on directory '..//e107_core' `->

and so on.

as for the cron i will look into it further.
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Really does look like the server is the owner, not you. So you need more permissions.

Do not know Centos, but think you need to use chown.

As for a download (plu or theme) transport would be like download a zip, extract, put in place; note : there are but few that actualy install, mostly that part (install) has to be doen manually. The downloaded file itself should be at the right section... (sometimes refresh).

(just as comment/throwing it in: out of post read : using private system ? mounted drives> ntfs can cause troubles)
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I will look into this further as well for permissions, although i'm using root user to do this I would have thought the root user should have all permissions from the jump as well as using root user with ftp while installing, other wise i turn this off for security reasons.

For installs - only if it would download it then i could do it manully i guess...so i guess the only way in installing plugins and themes right now is to find them on the internet download them and send via ftp to the server....because even if i click one wish it would at least save the files to be done manually.
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I understand, but all is linked together. Since the permissions cq chmod is denied, the download piece (and extract etc..) can not continue because they are refused to make use of folders needed.( no rights..).


Edit ; a search.. maybe this is suitable ? https://blog.lysender.com/2015/07/centos-7-selinux-php-apache-cannot-writeaccess-file-no-matter-what/
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