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Hello dear e107 users,

I installed e107 v-2 with the Bootstrap3 theme and would like to get a slideshow in the main page (as in e107.org homepage, although with 4 static pictures and an adaptative geometry according the use of a PC, a tablet or a smartphone). I followed the procedure described in the forum (here). I don't understand how to use media-manager in order to select a photo:

In the Featurebox -> Create, if I click on "Insert an image", Media-manager presents a page with 3 tabs (Choose from Library, Upload a File, Appearence) + 3 main buttons on the Choose from Library, i.e., Go, Save, Cancel. However I do not arrive to select an image previously uplaoded.

In the answer given here, except the choice of template, I don't understand where are the different options mentionned.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


e107 version v-2
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A good news...

As you suggested me I deleted the nivo plugins.

And... as I told in another post, I also deleted the aaquery plugin. By mean of gftp I also deleted the directory related to it (e107_plugins/aaquery).

As a pleasant consequence, Media Manager works at the present time when it is called from Featurebox or any other pages.

So there was no bug intrinsic to e107-v-2. There is an incompatibility with nivo and aaquery plugins.

The problem is solved and, tgtje, I thank you for your help.


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YW, i post a remark that aajquery 1.4 ALSO should be on the incompatability list. ( not based on your issues solemly).

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Did you see your uploaded image in Media manager? Check media owner. There should be featurebox or something like that. If you set debug mode, you will see what media owner is needed for your image field. Just edit image in Media manager, you can choose more media owners. Default is custom images, f.e. this is use in rich textareas (tinymce). Not sure now if it is owner or category, but is multicheck field.
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Thank you for your reply Jimako.

Yes. At the present time, in Media Manager -> Media Library, I can see the 4 images which were downloaded in the new Category I created. I can change captions, description and userclass.

What I have to do so that the 4 images are published in the form of a slideshow in the main page of my website?
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Just remember on MAIN media manager you can (edit) an image to belong to more than 1 category (selectable dropdown).
Suppose you add an existing image to Featurebox.When in Featurebox and you would click create, the previous added image would appear inside that piece of (sub ; as you like) media manager. (select it there and save).

Featurebox list > Just change the setting of the first present item (installed) (template = bootstrap default) ; edit this one and change it to use bootstrap carousel left (as example). (it sends a trigger so it will start the carousel certainly, just to be sure); after that you may change whatever..

Now from install, as system is created ONLY Modern business template ; (theme manager selectable template). carries the Featurebox (not on Home, but other pages on top nav should have it):  Would you need the featurebox on another 'custom page template' you will need to make use of the shortcode (sc)  {FEATUREBOX}. This is normally put at a location/area inside theme php, but for other things  you MAY use that piece {FEATUREBOX} in (test it ) Welcome Message (and others , just experiment); save and look. EDIT : i was corrected here; > Use the feature box menu to place a carousel on any template from within menu manager.

So open up welcome message and paste {FEATUREBOX} at bottom; save (normally home page would have welcome message, so you would need to visit Home to see it.

Have fun (need more info > ask

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Hello tgtje, and many thanks for your reply.

Indeed, the method you described works. The important point was to add {FEATUREBOX} in the welcome page.

Two points yet...

1. Only a part (~an half) of my pictures are published on the right hand of the slides box. Originally there are 1140 x 385. On the left part, I can read "600 x 450". I suppose that I must resize my pictures. Am I right?

2. The slides box makes well the job (Bootstrap carousel left) but "Feature Box" is published as the title of the page. How can I modify this?

Many thanks in advance for a reply.
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a) two things > inside welcome message you make use of an area, the size depends on the size of that area (see image top) (If this is good for use, yes some images have to be adjusted in width)

b) The full width ONLY runs visible in template Modern business (bootstrap3 core theme) and NOT on Home (index php) see image bottom = NEWS php

c) do not like layout modern business, but jumbo sidebar right > add the shortcode at line 453 from theme php ( 1 line just under $LAYOUT['jumbotron_sidebar_right ); save and look at pages.

d) title display ; running B > not needed;  all else needs 'hack' of plugin/featurebox/e_shortcode  line 118 ; replace LAN_PLUGIN_FEATUREBOX_NAME by two comma/quotes (tablerender('', $r....etc) save and title is gone ( at update > your hack also is gone)

e) you are always possible to use outside sliders etc.. and incorporate them.
(if you understand and can grasp the function of C ; you can figure all else out too.. (heads up); question? do ask

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