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This is theoretic question, because I haven't decided yet if I try to do something with it, but I purchased Vanilla theme from xenthemes year ago. From discussion I know that this theme doesn't work with version 2 (javascript issues), but what about I would be able to fix it? Can I give my solution for free? Can be this theme be free when author closed his site? 

Can I change Vanilla theme (f.e to add bootstrap support) and give it free?  Of course, with full credit to original author.


e107 version 2
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Just to let you guys know, Vanilla is licenced under GPL, the same as e107. That means you can do more or less what you want with it and please do! Modify it, redistribute it, sell it... whatever you want, as long as whatever you do with it it is also released under GPL.

Have fun with e107B00tstrap ;)

EDIT: Sorry! I would have left this as an answer if I knew you needed a magnifying glass to read the comments!!

Whoops, I thought that it wasn't GPL as it was commercially distributed before. Thanks for clarifying that.

I'll tweak the layout to increase the font size of the comments somewhat, asap.
This is great news. Thank you for your attitude. And that you let us to know.

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You could give the solution for free (e.g. providing step instructions on what to change) but you cannot provide/publish any of the theme code without the explicit permission of the theme author (even if the author is absent or not responding to your requests). The code is copyright under the theme author.


Edit: Roofdog, the theme author, confirmed that the theme that is being discussed is licensed under GPL. See his comment above.
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Thanks, but this theme has so many bugs (already in 1.0.4), that it doesn't worth for my time. I will probably choose some of free V1 themes.
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Does this count for all the Xenthemes? I find that odd.But updates on this theme is welcome as I have been using this theme a lot in V1. As long as V2 is still in alpha....
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Do you mean updates for V1?  I posted some bug reports and their solving in xenthemes forum or e107 forum, both are now gone. This is probably reason why I don't want to start from beginning again. But Vanilla theme is for now the best frontend theme for e107 I saw (I mean mostly functionality).
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I agree. It is as it is I'm affraid.
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If you need help (or consulting) with vanilla theme for 1.0.4 version, you can let me know. I use it on http://e107.sk/.
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Yes I will. I'm using it on www.scriptcase.eu and watervrienden.com
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Well, I got the theme running in the current E107 V2 and it didn't looked too bad. Unfortunately I cannot get the plugin running. I can install as it is shown by default in the plugin manager,but I can't get it into the control panel. Pitty.
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