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Hi all!
e10ggold.com is suspended(((
Where can i find latest versiaon of E107 Gold System?
And other plugins from that site?
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2 Answers

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Best use search engine like Google, although i do not guarantee or have any relationship nor know about present working and /or security : http://e107-german.de/download.php?view.56

english lan is in pack

Other related things : google..
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Thank you, i just find this link.

But another plugins fron e107gold.com is missing(
Being a third party plugin, one can not keep track of sites having those, besides plugins or packs > it differs.

Since the main site is suspended, your best bet would still be using Go or Ya to find items, Just needs trackin and visting the given url's.

OR : seek a site that carries (uses gold) and ask politly if they are willing to share?

Sorry more can not do.

Hi,  try this site: http://www.aacgc.com/ There are some gold plugins. 


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It looks like e107-german.de is moving to WordPress, so only available source I know is their backup here:





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